Migrating WordPress Sites onto Wordpress Clusters via "All-in-One WP Migration" Plugin

If you would like to migrate your WordPress sites onto Wordpress Clusters, the following steps will help you clear the obstables in the migration process.

1.Export your wordpress data

Log in to your WordPress site. Navigate to the Plugins > Add Plugin page, then search for "All-In-One WP Migration." Install and activate "All-in-One WP Migration" plugin.

Click the "All-in-One WP Migration" icon on the WordPress Dashboard menu. Navigate to the Export>EXPORT TO>File. When the export file is ready, download it to your local computer.

2.Import your wordpress data onto Wordpress Clusters

Log in to your Wordpress sites on our platform, and install the "All-In-One WP migration" plugin as well, navigate to the Import>IMPORT FROM>File. Upload the file you downloaded from your site. The maximum upload file size is 512M.

Confirm the procedure, and click "Proceed."

Congratulations! Now you've imported WordPress sites onto Wordpress Clusters successfully.

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